The Bathing Complex of The Shore SPA Center includes the following:

Name Temperature Humidity
Finnish sauna T + 80 – 100 ° C 5 – 20%
Roman steam room T + 45 – 55 ° C 90 – 100%
Turkish hammam T + 45 – 50° C 80 – 90%
Egyptian bath Rasul T + 40 – 42° C 80 – 90%

Thermal ‘sleep warm’ zone

Visits to thermal rooms are of huge health benefit.

An increase in the body temperature dilutes the blood and thus accelerates the blood flow. Owing to the above, the capillary veins expand and the blood comes to the very tips of the extremities, which is important for those who suffer from a poor circulation. Thermal treatments ease muscles and kill joint pains very well. A rapid supply of blood to debilitated muscle cells reduces the recuperation. Thermal treatments also help cope with the stress.

And sure enough, it is recommended to visit thermal rooms before your body care treatment in order to improve the overall health, relax and get the muscles ready for care.



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